Services that pursue excellence...

Our services are aimed at making institutions more efficient in nurturing the stars of tomorrow's skies. A profitable educational institution creating successful students is the pillar to a utopian future. Our services are just the tools to make utopia a reality.


1. Detail Analysis to Reduce operational cost wherever is possible

2. Resource utilization and Cost Optimization – Analysis & Report

3. Financial Info & Requirements – Daily Fee Collection, Expense, Petty cash & Detailed Report 

4. Admission Process – Selling Admission form to Fee Collection – Zero Manual work

5. Comparison Analysis - Financial & Academic Result


1. ​​Expense (Petty cash) & Fee collection Automation – Automatic update to Management

2. Staff Attendance, Salary Calculation & Salary Receipt – Automatic update to Management

3. Certificate Preparation – Conduct, Promotion, TC, Fee & Study Certificate, All Reports to GOVT

4. Manage all Inventories, Stocks Available, Need to purchase Details

5. Librarian – Issue/Collect Books – Maintain Record

6. Bus students Attendance and Live update to Parents – Thru Tab or GPS Device

7. Live bus Tracking, Alert to Parents

8. Transport Fee Management & Reminder


1. Deliver resource (Teachers/ Lecturers) Management and their utilization study
2. Attendance Management - Live update to Parents and Mgmnt
3. Deliver 24x7 Communication to Parents & Staff  - IVRS, Mobile APP, Voice call, SMS, Email, Web
4. Deliver Exam Planner – TT Generation, Hall Ticket and Automatic question paper generation.
5. Deliver Academic Report – Mark Cards,  Scholastic Report, Consolidated report etc
6. Deliver Performance Report – Student, Staff & School/ College
7. Deliver - Parent & Staff Feedback Analysis & Detailed  report
8. Deliver Academic Planner, Lesson Planner, Events Planner and Update
9. Live Video streaming of Events like Annual Day, Sports day etc

Our - KSI

1. Dedicated Consultants

2. Exclusive Service Manager, H/W Team, Data Entry & QC Team

3. Software - For Data Management, Fee Management & Salary Automation 

4. Mobile Apps - Parents, Teachers & Management

5. Hardware - Tablet PC ,Bio Metric, RFID, KIOSK 

6. Printed and Printable Stationaries ​