About us

We believe in the transformative power of technology to enhance the educational experience. Established with a vision to revolutionize the way schools operate and educate, we are a leading software consulting company dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions tailored specifically for the unique needs of educational institutions.

Our goal is to

  • Improving the profitability of the institute
  • Increase the student enrollment 
  • Automate the school process
  • Stand out from competitors
  • Consult & Deliver the right operating system for the corporate & SMEs

Who We Are:

At the core of Technosolve is a team of passionate professionals with a deep understanding of both technology and education. We bring together a diverse group of experts, including software developers, educators, and project managers, all united by a common goal – to empower schools with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age.

Our Mission:

Our mission is simple yet powerful – to serve educational institutions with innovative software solutions that make a meaningful impact on the educational landscape. We strive to bridge the gap between traditional teaching methods and modern technological advancements, ensuring that schools can leverage the full potential of digital tools to enhance operations & learning outcomes.

Why Choose Technosolve for ERP Services

Customization: Our ERP solutions are not one-size-fits-all. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and tailor our services to ensure a perfect fit.
Seamless Integration: We seamlessly integrate ERP systems into your existing infrastructure, minimizing disruptions and maximizing the efficiency of your business processes.
Scalability: As your business grows, so do your needs. Our ERP solutions are designed to scale alongside your organization, ensuring that you are always equipped to handle new challenges and opportunities.
User-Friendly Interface: We prioritize user experience, providing intuitive interfaces that empower your team to navigate the ERP system effortlessly.
Real-time Insights: Gain a competitive edge with real-time data and analytics, enabling informed decision-making at every level of your organization.

Bringing Excellence in Education

Technosolve aims to use a combination of consulting,technology and services to solve performance improvement challenges of the institute as well as increase the student enrollment by adopting right technology to the right target audience. However we understand that improvement can be multi-pronged,  "No schools are the same" right.So our proprietary solution framework will help the educational institution work towards to improve the student admissions and automate their school/college process.