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School Automation Services (ERP)

Technosolve through its proprietary framework, measures educational institutes against the three most important parameters that drive the success of all educational institutes: 

  •  Student Performance
  • Organizational Performance and
  • Organizational Profitability

But unlike most consultants, we do not stop at finding where you are. We also help you define where you want to be, and the best part is. we help you get there! Our trident of success includes the following steps:

As is Analysis

Technosolve will conduct a detailed on-premise evaluation of all factors that drive your current state. We take meticulous care to profile all influencing agents. 

Goal Setting

Mapping your current state is great because what you are today will define what you will be tomorrow. Technosolve takes this information and helps you prioritize your areas of improvement and set concrete goals for your short term and long term future. We then bring a plethora of tools and technologies together to stitch the future that you think your organisation deserves.


Once we have a clear definition of your future state, our implementation team towards achieving the desired result. We are tool agnostic and platform neutral. In other words, your successful future is the only thing that drives us. We are not tied by limitations that a software or application provider will be!



  •  Detail Analysis to Reduce Operational Cost 
  •  Resource utilization and Cost Optimization 
  •  Financial Updates & Reports
  • Admission Process Automation
  • School/College Performance Report
  • Promotional/Admission Activities


  • Student Information System –Manage students, Class, Subject, Attendance, TT, 
  • Finance Automation –Manage Daily Expenses, Fee collection & Payment gateway
  • Staff Attendance, Salary Calculation,Document Management & Certificate Preparation
  • Library – To maintain books, Inward/outwards & Reports
  • Transport Automation –Manage the bus, stop, Att. and track bus & expenses
  • Communication –Live update thru SMS, Voice Call, Mobile APP, Web Access


  • Academic Planner, Lesson Planner, Events Planner and Update
  • Class Attendance  - Live update to Parents and Management
  • Home work, Assignment update
  • Exam Planner – TT Generation, Hall Ticket and Question Paper Generation.
  • Academic Report – Mark Cards,  Scholastic Report, Consolidated report 
  • Performance Report – Student, Staff & School/ College
  • Live Video streaming, Photo sharing of Events like Annual Day, Sports day


  • Get 24X7 communication from school 
  • Live attendance and other updates about the ward
  • Get event details, photo and videos, Live Streaming
  • Online payment facilities & Receipt generation
  • Mobile APP, Web Access, SMS, Voice Call update
  • Get all study materials, study videos, Online classes,  Exams,